Date: March 2, 2010
Author: Cait Smith
Headline: Live Review: Tegan and Sara at Tipitina's, 2/24/10

Indie rock twins Tegan and Sara entered from the dim, backstage lighting dressed in similar plaid Oxford shirts, and Tegan sang, "When you wake, what is it that you think of most? / When your bed is empty, do you really sleep alone? / If I imagine you, body next to another. / All around me new love and it makes me sad." Starting with the single "The Ocean", from their new album Sainthood, Tegan and Sara made their sold-out February 24 concert at Tipitina's a night of appreciation for New Orleans.

Throughout the show, both sisters repeatedly gave thanks to the city for being the inspiration for their latest album, which was released in October 2009. "We actually wrote tons of music dedicated to New Orleans, but uh, none of it actually made the album. We had to keep the name though. You guys are the reason for the name, Sainthood," Tegan said.

Fans were thrilled, especially when the sisters played familiar favorites like the pop love song, "Back in Your Head" from the album The Con, and the edgier ballad, "Where Does the Good Go" from the album So Jealous.

As they showcased Sainthood, the twins explained the different ways they came up with new tracks. While sitting out on a porch one night, Tegan started writing songs because of several factors. "There's nothing worst than being brokenhearted and being eaten by mosquitoes at the same fucking time." Apparently fans can thank mosquitoes for the popular 2004 single "So Jealous". Their committed fan base wasn't disappointed that night as the twins flowed from old to new tracks, new wave dance rock to power pop, and dark rock to lighter acoustic tracks. Even bass player Evan Winiker of the opening band, Steel Train, complimented their musical variety. "They're special. Tegan and Sara are my favorite band," he said.

It was apparent that Tegan and Sara were many audience members' favorite band, since they demanded an encore lasting an additional thirty minutes. Finally though, Tegan and Sara called it a night as they jokingly promised next time they came to town they would wear beads and only beads.