Date: 06.25.2008
Author: Malcolm Jack
Publication: The Scotsman

"I've had, like, two coffees with double shots and a Red Bull," chirped the talkative one in the checked shirt, as the predominately teenaged and angular-fringed crowd went wild. "I'm so intoxicated!"

Tegan and Sara Quin are a pair of pint-sized identical twins from Canada, rocking the world of not only MySpace-ing schoolies globally, but also, at the opposite and much less shrieky end of the scale, Neil Young, who has signed them to his Vapor Records label.

The White Stripes (who covered their song Walking With A Ghost), The Killers, Rufus Wainwright and Ryan Adams are all fans too, and they have each taken the diminutive duo on tour with them at different stages.

That the Quin sisters have won such a wide spread of devotees isn't surprising they have a diamond way with a tight, smart, affecting indie pop hook, as demonstrated by Nineteen and Back In Your Head.

On the downside, they're prone to moments of Avril Lavigne-y angsty rock too, but, overall, a rare freshness of spirit and charm prevails, even if they do both have an irritating habit of starting every sentence with "anyways".

The young crowd were certainly enamoured, judging by the dog-bothering high-pitched shrillness of their screams. Tegan (or was it Sara?) was forced to issue a blunt threat during the encore: "Don't do ecstasy before we play again or we won't come back." Something much more legal and caffeine-based was probably the problem, but her point was a valid one nonetheless.