Date: June 24, 2008
Author: André Paine
Publication: Evening Standard
Headline: Tegan & Sara are Twinned with Whiny Rock

Canadian duo Tegan and Sara made a deserved breakthrough with current album The Con. Indeed, this audience cheered them loudly, yet Tegan Quin dwelled on the delayed success of their pungent power-pop in Britain, attributing it to their “bad haircuts” and our “difficult media.”

Perhaps that was a reference to people like me pointing out that Tegan and Sara are identical twin sisters who happen to be lesbians.

But then they did happily disclose their private lives to the crowd, as well as anything else that entered their heads. “I don’t have a girlfriend, so I’m telling you,” said Tegan after another lengthy digression.

They actually got off to brisk start with bracing tunes including Like O Like h, and the album title track, whose meeting of synths and guitars had shades of The Killers.

However, a breathless half-hour gave way to a soggy middle of interminable chat and whiny rock from earlier in their decade-long career.

There were some tender moments, although not when Tegan sang lead: the twins’ surprisingly unequal vocal abilities became apparent with her strident imitation of Alanis Morissette.

Tegan and Sara have got a unique musical partnership — but this show wasn’t as sharp as their song-writing.

Note from - Article Picture below: Article Caption: Soggy sister act: Tegan Quin