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Date: August 8th, 2001
Author: Matt Galloway, Sarah Liss and Tim Perlich
Publication: Now Magazine
Headline: T.O. Music Notes: Tegan and Sara
Now 21, Tegan and Sara have spent less than five years in the cutthroat business of music, but they're as jaded and bitter as any industry vets. At least that's the impression they gave during their Rivoli showcase last Thursday night. Watching them face off against a room of leather-shirted industry types and hysterical, drooling baby dykes made me wish they'd kept their attitude a bit more in check.

Dolled up like glam rocker babes in tight jeans, 80s-style belts and shaggy grown-out coifs, the sweet-faced twins stumbled through material from their new If It Was You (Superclose/Universal) disc. When not trading guitars back and forth, they played up their bratty sibling shtick and whined about the shittiness of their jobs. The ballsy new tunes were solid, if a little too rockin' for the placid confines of the cramped room.

Either they're a bit outta practice or the monitors at the Rivoli aren't up to snuff, because the ladies' vocals sounded flat.

They'd better get their game on before coming back to tour with the album.