Tegan & Sara
The Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
October 20, 2000
by Sean Slone

It was an eclectic mix of performers who took the stage at the Mercury Lounge on the second night of the annual CMJ Musicfest.

Canadian folk duo Tegan and Sara won the support of early arrivals with a combination of introspective Ani-Difranco-by-way-of-Alanis-Morissette songs and between-song patter that some might consider charming and witty (others vapid and goofy). The teen twin sisters are certainly accomplished musicians for their young age, and their songs include lyrics that address adult concerns. But they seem distinctly lacking in a musical identity to call their own. Still, the duo's early successes have included dates on the Lilith Fair tour and a record deal with Neil Young's Vapor Records. The sisters even toured with Young in support of their album, The Business of Art.