September 05, 2002

Hey, here's an update!

We are moving the Canadian tour to November because we have just been added to the Ryan Adams tour in the U.S.! Because it takes place in October, we, for obvious scheduling reasons, had to move the Canadian dates back into November. But that is okay, we are still going to do all of the dates, and you fans in Canada will be happier in the end because we will be so happy to see you and winter will be coming and school will be boring and it will be perfect timing, you might even think to yourself as you watch us on stage, "wow, this is better than if they had come in October."

I bet you.

So check the tour page for updates on SEPT, OCT, and NOV. We will post them as we get them. THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE.

Also, we will be posting new merchandise in the next few weeks. It was all hot and ready for the Canadian tour so if you want a sneak peak this might be your chance. T-SHIRTS, HOODIES, HATS, VINYL!

We will also be posting a JOURNAL page with some stories from the road, and some postings from the BAND. CHRIS and ROB. Who are they? FIND OUT.

Thanks for going out and buying IF IT WAS YOU, we really appreciate it.