October 9th, 2002
Well hello Tegan and Sara fans:

After lazily not setting up a new mailing list after our previous one went under, we have finally gotten with it and found ourselves a new home. So welcome. We're sure most of you know what we are doing and don't need to be reminded often, so we promise not to send you too much useless mail. I don't join mailing lists anymore since it seems most artists are a little mailing-list-happy these days. We promise that we won't send you emails with messages like:

"We are at home doing nothing, just wanted to say hi."
"Sara just wrote a new song, neat-o huh?"
"We are taking a week off, see you soon."

We mostly just want to invite you to check out our website, www.teganandsara.com, if you haven't been there lately. I have a really slow, crappy computer with a dial-up connection, so I can't really go visit my own website (or any band that I like), but maybe you joined our mailing list because you can. Also, we have two really great fan sites (that we know of), www.teganandsara.org and www.teganandsara.net . You can visit them if you are looking for tabs, lyrics, old pictures, old and new press clippings and contests.

A lot of artists don't support this new wave of music file sharing, bootleg posts and ebay, etc. . .Our thoughts on it remain the same as always, we credit a lot of our success to the internet and the interaction between fans on our sites and other bands' sites. So share and download for free all you like. We make no money that way but why should you care how much money we make? If you do download our songs for free off the internet just come to our shows and buy a t-shirt and we'll forgive you. When I was fifteen I used to buy terrible tape bootlegs from a store in Calgary, Alberta on 8th Avenue. They sounded terrible but I needed every song I could get from my favourite bands. We understand a lot of our fans don't get to see us play live and can't get their hands on our old albums. Regarding Ebay: Though we support the fact that some of our fans are boycotting the sale of our first album and other t and s stuff on Ebay and are glad that they care at all, we don't real! ly care. We are not allowed to sell our first album and we would rather you get a new copy or at least an original version from Ebay than a badly-burned copy from a stanger. Yeah, that's it.

We have new merchandise on our site www.teganandsara.com. We have 4 or 5 different shirts in an array of sizes, we have hoodies, hats, and other items coming soon.

We are on tour with Ryan Adams right now in the US. It is going well. You can check our tour diary and our weekly journal at http://www.chartattack.com. Through the month of November we are doing an extensive tour in Canada. All dates confirmed are on the website and more will be added.

Thank you so much to everyone who went out to buy our new album. We are so happy that you are enjoying it, thank you to everyone who emailed with your thoughts. Even if we didn't get back to you we appreciate all your comments, kind words and encouragements.

Thank you to Much Music for not playing our video, if you do want to see it check it out on our website.

We have also been trying to make little videos out of all our footage so you can see more of us than you most likely need to. There should be new little clips up every couple of weeks.

Okay everyone. Thank you so much for your support. Thank you for being so wonderful. We'll see you all soon.

Your best friends,
Tegan and Sara