Official Mailing List -

October 10 2000
t and s loyal and loving fans,

First, thank you so much to all of you who joined us on Canada Tour 2000.
Each city was so great and so different, it made the entire tour so fun and extremely succesful. We should be touring again in Canada when we start out on Canada Tour 2001 in January. When we hope to be hitting a lot more cities that we unfortunetly could not get to this time around. So thank you to everyone who came out and had a good time. New US dates should be up and on the website in a week. Lots of East Coast Action gonna happen.

Second, we have chosen Frozen as our next video. But we are making it with a lot of our own money this time around. So we need your support. Though many of you might not like much music or some of you might love it too much. We need you to call and request it or 'the first' the first video. IN order to make it a success. Now we can't take you all to dinner for doing this but it makes it easier to go to smaller places where we don't really have a following right now. So fight together people. Request Request Request.

Thridly, We are starting a new contest today, October 2nd. We are doing new t-shirts and we want to put something funny on the back. We need your help. Unfortunelty we used up all our funnyness on the road. So you have a chance to win dinner or a prize back or both or maybe a pre-arranged marriage with us. IF you give us something in three words or less that can make even my dad laugh. And he is a funny guy. So the contest again for those of you confused by my bad grammer no structured writing and spelling mistakes....

Make tegan and sara and their grandma laugh their cute bums off!
3 words or less to go on the back of your new t and s shirt. email and tell us what you think. please have your enteries sent by the end of the month. we pick a winner on November 1st.

Alright, You made it through another tegan and sara email. Congradulations.

To those of you who have been writing about UNDER FEET LIKE OURS. We hope to have worked something out by christmas regarding the sale of our first indie cd. So keep your eye on

love always your biggest fans
tee and essssss