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Subj: rumble

hey there t and s'ers.

Some bad news to report, Tegan and Sara will NOT be on David Letterman on May 24th.
BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT T and S WILL have their day in the spotlight, no crying, but it won't come until July.

The Late show has decided to make fridays ALLL comedy and NOOOO music.
THose bastards!!
so we were cancelled, BUT, on the positive side of things, they did reshcedule a date. I can't tell you the date yet as it too could change closer to July. But as soon as we get confirmation we will send it out to you all.
No tears!!!
July is better for us anyway. I mean now we can go on vaction in the bahamas and catch lizards and get tanned. Plus I had nothing to wear!think of all the time we will have to shop for out new matching outfits.


Hope this email finds you all smiling and rich.(the kind of emotional wealth that we all know is far more important, yet so underated)

rawk out ya'll.

of tegan and sara
originally of the david letterman hates tegan and sara band.