Subj: oh no they're coming

hey everyone

just want to write to let you know we have tons of new dates and they all should be up on the website.

The tour for Canada, tegan and sara take a plane tour 2001 is set to go. now we just need to get you there. so the dates will be included in this email and on the website. tickets are being sold in advance so make sure you get out and get yours now. there will be tickets at the door but they are cheaper in advance. and it will make us feel better and help us choose our outfits if we know who's coming.


april 9th winnipeg- west end cult
april 10th regina - the exchange
april 11th saskatoon- lydia's (two shows 1 all ages*)
april 14th calgary- macewan hall
april 23rd hamilton- the casbah
april 25th toronto - Trinity with kinnie starr
april 26th montreal - the cabaret with kinnie starr
april 27th ottawa - Barrymore's with kinnie starr
april 28th Rhode island- rhode island college
april 29th Danbury, CT with kinnie starr
mat 1st Vancouver - east end cultural center with luke doucet to support.

so that is the dates for april.

We are doing a tour in may with Rufus Wainwright so check the website for dates and we are already booking shows for the summer so keep your eye out.

CAn't wait to see you all.

Sorry to all cities not listed.

see you soon
tegan and sara
best friends forever.