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Subj: the backstreet boys

ello T and S fans.
GUess who Is Releasing a NEW cd?
On July 18th you and all your friends can pick up the new Tegan and Sara cd anywhere you like in North America. The Cd is CAlled "This Buisness of Art" and is being raved about everywhere it goes. Hawksley Workman Played and Produced this doozy and now you have the oppurtunity to go and get it yourself. Don't miss your chance.

Also T and S have a new website that is going to be up and running July 1st so check it out. New dates are posted now and will be posted then for dates all across North America including a tour with Neil Young and The Pretenders. Don't miss it.

Last but not least yuo have a chance to request tegan and sara's new video 'the firt' at much music starting now. so email it a goodie. support the t and s team, keep in touch.

your friends always
tegan and sara

p.s if you have no idea who we are, support us anyways