Official Mailing List -

Subj: can tegan and sara swim

dear tee and esser's

Important facts to know:

Tegan and Sara have been unable to retrieve their email and so are not responding to any, but we hope to have that back in order in early August. We are also going through changes with our mailing list so please be patient with us.

Unfortunelty we have both been incredibly busy getting our yellow badges in swimming and so have been unaware of the problem for weeks now. But tegan passed so she will be getting to things as soon as they return from Japan. Sara unfortunelty failed and will be making it up when we return so it will be a tee effort.

We also will have a new website or an old one with a new face lift coming in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes open.

All dates are up on the website so check them out to see if we are coming to sleep at your house in August.

Dave Letterman is a go. See you in your living rooms on july 25th.

We miss you all like we always do.

tegan and sara