Subj: best friends forever


Thank you to EVERYONE who came out on the t an s bus you up tour 2001. It was so great that we had so much support. MOst of the shows sold out or did incredibley well. For all the places we went for the first time you left an amazing taste in our mouths and we hope to be back soon. (salmon arm, windsor, regina) Thank you for being great.

TO everyone who has been writing there has been a theme in your emails so we hope to address some of the questions being frequentley asked. There was a back log in emails due to our site being down the last month so there is no possible way to get back to you all. Lots of email was lost so now would be a better time to write if you have not recieved a response.

We will be touring soon again.. Rumour has it we are going to be doing a quick few dates in Europe at then of Febuary. Lots of US dates in MArch and a two week tour of Canada in April.

Lots of west coast and East Coast stuff in the US. ANd the word is Some East Coast dates in Canada in April. Dates should be up in the next couple of weeks and we will be sending a message out so keep your eyes out.

Regarding merchandise. If you are looking for something specific please email us at
we would be happy to accomadate your needs.

LYrics, tabs and other music related issues.... we have yet to do this. The lyrics to all of our music is in the cd liner notes. So if you are asking about lyrics it means you haven't bought the cd...the answer seems obvious.

This business of art is available on line for those of you who can't get it in stores, check out places like those kind of things.

Thats it for now best friends take care of yourselves and each other.

love always your best friends
tee and ess.

p.s canadian dates will include. winnipeg calgary vancouver toronto and halifax. lots of other dates too just we have been recieving alot of questions about these cities specifically.