subj: naked and touring

hey tee and esser's
sorry for all the inconviences the last month or so. We have been out on the road and have run into some problems with the website. Oops. But we are on top of things. SO look for lots of changes and new additions to in the new year. Until then there are two issues at hand.

1. those of you who have sent money or cheques for merchandise, don't worry it is on it's way. Christmas is a bad time to send stuff and so we chose to wait until after. So starting on the 27th all merch is going out.

2. New tour dates.
SInce you can't get to the site we have to send you the tour and hope that you don't erase this email before you look. Don't worry we are going to put some extra special care into the subject.

here we go......
Tee and Ess take the bus tour 2001 (aka cute bum tour 2001)

jan 10 Nanimo: queens pub (34 Victoria Cresent)
jan 11 Victoria: lucky bar (517 yates st.)
jan 12 Victoria: lucky bar
jan 14 salmon arm: salmon arm theatre (360 alexander st. n.e)
jan 16 Banff: margaret greenham theatre
jan 18 Fernie: arts station (601 1st st)
jan 19 Edmonton: side track cafe (10333 112st)
jan 20 Saskatoon: amigo's cafe (632 10th st E)
jan 21 Regina: the exchange (2431 8th ave)
jan 23 Pittsburg: rosebud (1650 smallman St)
jan 25 Windsor: the press club (63 riverside dr. E)
jan 26 London: call the office
jan 27 Kingston: queens pub
jan 29 Barrie: last class bar and grill ( 1 Georgian Dr)
jan 30 Waterloo: bomb shelter (200 University Ave)

SInce it is still pretty early we don't have a lot of info.And things do change in this line of business. So make sure you check into the show before you drive across the country to see it. (since we know you will be) BUt with each passing day we will know more and any drastic changes we will email you again. Feel free to email us if you have any questions
(until further notice that is the only way to ask us questions adn get answers.)

Take care tee and esser's hope you all had a wonderful holidays and a merry christmas if it apply's to you.

CAn't wait to see your shinning faces where ever they may be.

Until then
love always your best friends
tegan and sara....