Date: November 13, 2010
Author: Tegan Quin
Headline: October 2010 - Ask Tegan

Janay asks:
Are you going to release the New Orleans demos/EP sometime next year or at all?

Tegan writes:
Hey Janay,
We haven't decided as of yet what we are going to do with the New Orleans demos. We would love to release them at some point, as we really do love the songs, but until we know the future of our record deal and re mix them etc they are sort of just sitting there waiting to be heard. As soon as we know, you'll know!

Amber writes:
Hey Tegan!
With having lyrics from Human Touch incorporated into your tattoos, how do you feel about people who have your lyrics (and/or Sara's) incorporated into theirs? Are you humbled by the notion that people are as inspired by your work as you are by Bruce Springsteen's? Do you like people connecting so personally with Tegan and Sara lyrics, or does it make you want to claim ownership?
Thanks and best wishes on your upcoming tour!

Tegan writes:
Hey Amber!
I love that people get our lyrics tattooed on them. I would much prefer they do that then tattoo our faces on their bodies. I think that's pretty extreme. When we release our music out into the universe we expect that people will claim ownership and get intense about what they hear and are totally fine with that. Its why we do what we do.
Thanks for the question Amber!

Dani writes:
Hi Tegan,
I know you are probably exhausted with all the work you have put into Sainthood, but I was wondering when are you planning to release your next record? Also, do you have any idea what sort of sound you will want to achieve with your next record?

Tegan writes:
Hey Dani!
Sara and I are aiming to record our next record next summer. We have touring planned until the end of this year and then intend on taking 4-5 months off to write. There is some touring planned for the new year but our major job will be to write and record a new record. As Sara and I haven't picked a producer yet its hard to say exactly what we want to achieve with the next record or what it will sound like, but based on the demos so far, I think its going to be a great record that Tegan and Sara fans are going to love! We're trying lots of new things but the songs are great!

Jess writes:
Hey Tegan!
I really like the different ways you and Sara approach your music videos. Which has been the most fun / your favourite video to shoot?
Jess (:

Tegan writes:
Hey Jess!
Music videos are really fun but also a lot of work. I loved our last two videos, On Directing and Northshore, as they were super simple to shoot and we were able to do both of them in one day. I'm definitely not an actor so on videos shoots like Hell or Back In Your Head I felt a lot of stress to "act" like the characters we were supposed to be in the video. They were very intense and complicated videos to shoot. That being said though I loved the way they turned out. We try to tell a story about ourselves or the song with every video. Our intention is always to make a piece of art that we will be proud of down the road!

Marci writes:
Hi Tegan!
I've recently read your HCT tour blog posts and comments and it sounds like you and Sara are writing songs together again. Is there anything you can share about that?

Tegan writes:
Hey Marci!
Sara and I haven't written a ton of music for the new record but we are definitely collaborating more and more. Sara and I work to help each other in a producer role a lot before we have a producer. We also share instrumentals and melody ideas etc. Its really fun!
Thanks for writing in!