Date: January 2, 2010
Author: Tegan Quin
Headline: November 2009 Ask Tegan

Megan writes: Tegan, in many reviews and articles for Sainthood, the media still references the sexuality of yourself and Sara. Do you think there will be a time when people will be able to look beyond that and just see you as a great band? Is this frustrating for you and Sara or is it something that you have accepted and embrace?
Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, you are an excellent inspiration for myself and a great face/voice for the Gay Community in a time when it can be so hard for our voices to be heard.

Hey Megan!
Thanks for the great question... Sometimes over the past 10 years I've felt frustrated with how much people focus on our sexuality, but mainly I just feel proud to have been out and a source of inspiration and someone to look up to the past 10 years... We hear from fans daily about how much it helped to know we were gay too or when they told their parents to be able to use us an example of how much people DO embrace gay people. So I try to remember that when I am feeling frustrated.
Thanks for being you!

Sam writes: Loving Sainthood! My friend and I were talking about what influences your songs when you write them, relationship wise. Is it always who you're with at the time, or do you ever write about people from the past and draw on your emotions from that time?

Hey Sam,
It really just depends on the song. Sometimes I write song lyrics and I don't even know in the moment what they are about exactly. The focus really comes later when the song has taken on its own life. I start to attach to it the same way you do the second I start recording it in demo form. Then the songs becomes a story for MY experience.
Thanks for asking!

Shelby asks: Hey, Tegan! What is the worst experience you've ever had on tour, during a show, or while performing for TV? How did you deal with the situation? Thanks!!

Hey Shelby.
Hmm. The worst experience lets see....most of the TV stuff we've done has gone off pretty good. Though there was a show we did early on where I broke a string mid performance and it was a live audience. The audience had no idea who we were.. It was a teenager show, some short lived program that had music on it, back in 2000. They picked us up in a limo too. That was pretty terrible. But usually TV is pretty smooth. It goes by fast and in a blur. I hate watching myself so I don't often watch either. Its a great way to get your music out there though so we always do it!
Bye, Tegan.

Meg asks: Hello, my question is with you being famous and touring so frequently, what keeps you grounded and gives you a sense of normalcy?

Hey Meg!
Well Sara and I have so many wonderful friends and we're very tight with our family all over the world and our friends from our high school days. Its pretty hard to lose touch with reality with them all around. Sara and I also pride ourselves on being VERY involved in the day to day of Tegan and Sara so we have a very balanced perspective on fame and fortune. Its mainly just a lot of hard work. But its work we love. Lastly, we have a great relationship with our audience. I look out into the sea of faces every night and I am grateful for every one of them. I would never do anything to intentionally jeopardize that connection I feel. And I think being caught up in "fame" or "success" would be a quick way to hurt our audience!
Thanks for the question!

Maribeth says: Hey Tegan! The holiday's are quickly approaching and I was wondering, what's your favorite holiday tradition? Thanks!

Hey Maribeth!
My favourite holiday tradition is watching Christmas Movies. My all time faves are Charlie Brown Christmas, National Lampoons Christmas vacation and A Christmas Story.
Happy Holidays!