Date: January 2, 2010
Author: Tegan Quin
Headline: December 2009 Ask Tegan

Sarah asks: Hello, I'd like to know what gear you use when you record your demos or music at home. Guitars obviously, but I read somewhere you use Reason, are there any other virtual instruments that you use and appreciate? Thanks.

Hey Sarah,
I mainly use Garage Band these days. I used Pro Tools exclusively for 7 years but I find Garage Band to be totally suffice for my home demos. I messed around with Reason a bit but it was a lot of work so I haven't opened it up in a long while. At home I mainly use my Micro Korg and I have a few disks that I've bought over the years with sounds on it. I love the Mick Fleetwood drum sounds disk. Its fun to use imported noises but often I just run basic garage band stuff through my pedals and mess with them myself in there. Good luck!

Lea asks: Hi Tegan! Having seen you play at many different venues, I've noticed, you're always on the left side of the stage. So my question is do you or Sara prefer one side of the stage to the other and why? Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you in Denver this spring! :)

Hey Lea!
We used to swap back and forth during the set back in the old days when we shared guitars. Now that we have our own set ups we don't really do that anymore. I'd like to say there is a good reason for why we stand where we do but we sort of always just sat the way our names read. So I stand no the left and Sara stands on the right. Ha. See you in Denver!

Isabel asks: What is a story you can share with us from this first Sainthood tour? Thank you!

Hey Isabel!
Well our first tour took us all over Western Europe and the UK. There are quite a few stories but one of my favourites is from our first night in London. The hotel we were staying at was quite new. The rooms were actually apartments. I was lucky enough to have my own room (Sara and I often share when we are in Europe as its so expensive) and was just settling in for the night when I realized there was no switch for the light in the bathroom. It was just...on. I could not figure out for the life of me why it would not turn off. I tried to find the switch for a half hour! Finally I called my tour manager Chris to come and help me. I asked Sara over messenger as well but she said her bathroom HAD a very easily found switch. The apartments don't have phones in them so I was not able to call the front desk. Chris looked in vain and in the end I just had to pull the hotel key out of the switch by the door that powers the apartment. Which was kind of scary because when I wanted to go to the bathroom later that night I could barely find my way. Oh England. We found out the next morning that it was a sensor light. If I had just sat down for a few minutes it would have gone off. Oops!

Kelsey asks: Tegan, You have released some pretty awesome B sides with Sainthood but have you thought of playing them live?

Hey Kelsey!
I think Sara and I are going to learn Light Up for the upcoming tour. We have SO much music its one of the hardest things about being in our band. How to find a good mix of old and new and unreleased to keep the fans the happiest while also inspiring ourselves. SO hopefully you'll hear more unreleased stuff this year while we tour!

Brittney asks: I was wondering what your dream line up would be? Thanks!

Hey Brittney,

Our upcoming US tour is pretty dreamy to me. Steel Train are so fun and awesome and their record is amazing. Holly Miranda is one of the most inspiring talents we've come across in years. Her voice is unearthly. We can't wait to play with her live. I also love City And Colour and hope to tour with Dallas more in the future. I'm also obsessive about Gaslight Anthem right now so I'm crossing my fingers that we get to tour with them at some point too. I'd love to open for Aleisha Keys or Pink at some point too!
Thanks for the question!