Date: November 5, 2009
Author: Tegan Quin
Headline: October 2009 - Ask Tegan

Britt asks: What advice would you give to an aspiring journalist? You have gone through many interviews and give quite eloquent answers, even to questions that may not be totally original or well thought out. I remember you said that one of the best pieces of advice you got was, "They never print the stupid question, they only print the stupid answer." What kinds of questions impress you and what do you feel are the most important traits of a journalist?

Hey Britt!
I think that it makes sense to ask questions about whatever the artist is currently working on. And artists LOVE to talk about their work. So if you are interviewing a musician, ask about music. That being said, I know after 10 years of experience, that a good story/feature on our band includes content that isn't JUST about music. Doing good research and reading the information given to you by the band/record company prior to the interview is super important too. You would not believe how many people don't read the research! So embarrassing for them. The biggest thing is making the artist feel like you care. I give much better interviews when I feel like the person interviewing me actually has heard my music and cares! Good luck!

Steph asks: Hey Tegan! As a performer what is your biggest fear? How do you deal with it?

Hey Steph,
I don't really have any big fears about performing. I guess there have been shows the past 10 years where I have felt nervous right before we stepped on stage but those are usually gone by the end of the 1st song. Its exciting being up there and with enough practise and confidence anyone can do anything. That's how I deal with any nervousness I might feel, practise! Take care,

Alyssa and Alice ask: What is the concept to the video for Hell? How did you come up with the idea for it? Alyssa adds: Thanks so much. The record is awesome. See you in Winnipeg!

Hey guys!
The concept was originally submitted by Jamie Travis. Jamie directed the video for Back In Your Head. We loved his ideas, and his color work when we saw a short film of his a few years back and asked him to be involved with the Back and Your Head Video. We were so happy with it we asked him back to shoot Hell. Hell is such a RAWK! song that we were getting a lot of RAWK video treatments and that felt all wrong. Our band is a balance of quirkiness and rawk! ha. So ya. The only thing we really wanted was to tie in the concepts from this record so Jamie included the photos of our family for us to pop our heads through and the stripes! We really aren't sure what the hell is happening in the video! And that is kind of what makes us love it!
So glad you are loving the new record! You guys rock!

Jacqueline asks: You've said that there are numerous songs that are written or suggested for an album, but they don't make it on to the album. What happens to those songs? Are they ever considered for future albums?

Hey Jacqueline,
Most of the songs we write for the record don't get on. We always submit between 40 and 50 songs for a record. Its hard with a few to let them go, but usually the good ones just stick out so much that its easy to let the others go. I have no idea what we will do with all the excess songs we have accumulated over the years..perhaps a box set in a few years?

Barbara asks: Hi Tegan, Your music has been featured on several television shows. Have you ever been asked to compose a soundtrack for a television series or a film? Would you be interested in or consider writing a score for a film?

Hey Barbara!
We really haven't been asked to write music or submit music for soundtracks before. We were on the Monster In Law soundtrack a few years ago and there have been a few other movies that have used our music but it doesn't happen very often. TV has been better to us over the years. I would LOVE to write for a movie. If the chance came about..I'd do it for sure! If I loved the movie of course! Take care,