Date: October 6, 2009
Author: Tegan Quin
Headline: Ask Tegan

Anna asks: What is going to be the first single/music video for Sainthood? Do you already have a concept for the video? How do you decide which song is going to get a music video?

Hey Anna. The first single is Hell. We are shooting the video this week and it should be released by the middle of October. The concept is a secret. But I can tell you its by the same director who did Back In Your Head. So expect it to be quirky and colorful!

Candice asks: How did you make the move from musician to producer? What skills overlap and what did you need to learn?

Hey Candice, Sara and I have Produced our own music the past 10 years so I feel like I've been learning how to produce for a long time. I like to think of Producing as seeing the whole picture. Organizing and planning and helping direct the overall sound. Often when you are singing or playing..your limited to what you are doing. Its easier to have perspective when you aren't directly involved with the actual performance. In my opinion at least. As a songwriter I know that I need Sara or Chris or any of the other producers we've had really are there to help see the big picture. From picking the right songs to arrangement alterations and instrumentation. Its just easier. I've only Produced one other act besides our own band. It was very challenging but also really fun. I was able to just worry about the sounds and the arrangements instead of worrying about my heart and my songs. They are sort of like my babies. So it was fun to work on someone else's record. I definitely learned a lot.

Realtin asks: You've said before that you broke your arm three times. Would you tell us the stories, if they aren't too gruesome?

Hey Realtin, I broke my left arm when I was 4. I fell off the swing set in my backyard. It was a nasty fall and I was terribly upset. But it didn't stop me from standing up on the swing WITH my broken arm in a cast a few days later. Ha.
The 2nd and 3rd time I broke my right arm I was roller skating. The 3rd time I only sprained it roller skating but tripped later that day coming up some stairs. (I was a very active/clumsy kid).
The 4th time I broke my left wrist again at summer camp. I tripped over a log running in the woods and flew into another log. I went nearly 2 days without seeing a doctor as it didn't swell and my camp counsellor didn't believe that it was broken. I have pain in it often, and I always think of that stupid counsellor for not believing me.

Xan asks: Hey Tegan, you tweeted (actually I think it was Sara you were on vacation) about the band The xx, who I looked up and loved. Do you have any other recent music suggestions to tide me over until Sainthood comes out and is put on repeat in my stereo? Thanks!

Hey Xan, It was actually me who Tweeted about The xx. But Sara told me about them. She is a huge fan. As am I now! I'm listening to Lightning Dust. A band from Vancouver that Sara got me into as well. I love The Gossip. I really love the new AFI record. And I am currently entering my 7th month of listening to Tom Petty for at least 30 minutes each day.
Thanks for the question! Enjoy!

Kurt asks: There's always a lot of talk about advance copies when you're close to releasing a new album. How do you decide what media outlets etc. get advance copies?

Hey Kurt! The label is very picky these days about who to send advance copies to. They send secure streams via the Internet to 20 or so of the larger publications about 2 months before the release to secure reviews and stories. Then a month out they service the single to radio and send more secure streams and copy protected hard advances to more media. These advances don't even play on a computer. The physical advances are a giant hassle and I don't think they are the answer to keeping the record safe. But its how its done now. In Europe they don't do the online streams. Which is silly I think. Ha. Basically I just hope it doesn't leak. And I try not to worry. I made copies for my mom and dad and step dad. A few friends came here to hear the record at my house when we finished it. Then I sent a few online copies to other friends. We're being very protective of it. Now that we have played it live, I'm less concerned. But record labels are super paranoid so the record goes only to bigger magazines and national press.
Hope you enjoy the record!