Date: August 16, 2009
Author: Tegan
Headline: Ask Tegan

Julie asks: What do you think are some of the biggest differences between you and Sara?

I think both Sara and I agree that I am more of an extrovert. Sara likes a lot of alone time and her own space. She is definitely quieter and keeps to herself more. I am much more of a people person. On tour I like to have bus dance parties and talk constantly with the band and crew. Ha. Sara reads the New Yorker, I read Adbusters. She wears skinny shoes, I love PF Flyers. She cleans everyday, I wash my floors once a month. I think those are the big ones!

Emmi asks: I was rewatching "The L Word" the other day and I came across the episode where you and Sara perform "Love Type Thing." How did you come across getting onto the show and how did you feel about it? What was the process of choosing which song to play?

Hey Emmi! That was a great day. I was very nervous to be on the show. I found out about the show late in the game. Strangely, even though it was shot in Vancouver and lots of people I knew were on it, I still didn't realize what it was until the 2nd season. They chose the song if I remember correctly....? I think. And I loved every second. We got to meet a lot of the cast and the writers and everyone was super friendly. It was a great show and we were proud to be apart of it.

Lala asks: I wanted to ask which books you have read recently, and which are your favourites. I have read so many books now (Middlesex and White Oleander to mention my fav) and I'm looking for other suggestions because I heard you are a bookfreak too.

Hey Lala, those are both great books. Here are a few more:

The Passion - Jeanette Winterson

The Pornographers Poem - Michael Turner

Netherland - Joseph O'Neill

The 30 second Commute - Stephanie Dickison

Bright Shiny Morning - James Frey

At least in the city someone would hear me scream - Wade Rouse

The Varieties of Scientific Experience - Carl Sagan

Leon asks: I saw an interview where it was mentioned there was a little bit of a back story as to how you guys managed to be on The David Letterman show so early in your career- so how did that come about?

Leon! Our label, Vapor Records, is run by Eliot Roberts, who manages Neil Young and over his career has pretty much managed EVERYONE from Bob Dylan to Billy Corgan, and he had a history with the booker and as a favor had us play on the show! We didn't have a band back then and so Paul Schaffer called my house and asked if I wanted his band to back us. Insane.

Caroline asks: What's it like writing songs with Hunter Burgan?

Hey Caroline! Writing with Hunter is awesome. We started working on music together 3 years ago. I am so proud and excited to be able to say that a few of those songs are on the new Tegan and Sara record! I think he brings out something very different in me than when I write alone. Sara and I wrote together for the first time on Sainthood and I think its only fitting that we have a few of the Tegan and Hunter songs on there too. Its a true collaborative experience. Hunter or I send music and then I sing, write lyrics...send it back...he sends it back with changes or additions...I write more music...done! Its awesome. He's hilarious and insanely talented!