Date: June 4, 2009
Author: Tegan
Headline: Ask Tegan

Justin asks: How would you describe the sound of the new album?

Hey Justin, So far its just sounding better than anything we've attempted before. We had a very extensive pre-production where we worked out arrangements and excavated great parts for the songs, so when we got into the studio and started playing the song 50 times a day we really did capture a "band" sounding record I think. The studio we are recording in is magical. Some of our favourite records of all time were made there. This combined with an intensely talented band and production team, and really really strong batch of songs, means we are making a record I think ANY Tegan and Sara fan will be able to pop on and love.

Christine asks: Who will sing the songs you and Sara wrote together? How did you make those decisions?

Hey Christine, Great question! In all three cases of the collaborations we made that are on the record between Sara and I, it is the person who ended up recording vocals on the demo that is singing the song. In two of the cases I sent Sara instrumentals I had written that I was at a loss for vocals/harmonies/structure etc. and Sara wrote the remaining elements, so she will be singing on them.

Sam asks: If you could go back ten years and tell yourself anything, what would it be?

Hey Sam,I would remind myself that at 18 I was flailing. I knew I loved music and that I didn't want to back burner my dream, but I was also really scared I was going to fail. I felt very responsible for our dream. Sara was caught up in a relationship and made it very clear at times that she was following along with what I wanted to do because I didn't have anything else in my life, which made me feel like I had to prove to her that we could make a career of our music. I would tell my 18-year-old self that it all worked out, being sure not to give away too much of what happened.

Caroline asks: When you write songs about people do they ever figure it out that you wrote it with them in mind? If so, how do they react?

Hey Caroline,Generally I tell the person who I have written a song for, that its about them. In the case that I've written about someone I shouldn't have been writing about, I keep it to myself and just hope they figure it out. Ha.

Paul asks: Other than writing and playing music, what do you enjoy doing?

I love reading, seeing movies and hanging out with friends. I manage to fill a lot of my time with these activities. Lately I have taken up learning how to play the drums and learning to surf. I have no real hobby per se, as I turned it into a career, but I am trying to branch out and have activities in my life that don't consist of making music for my band. It's hard to do, let me tell you!