Date: May 5, 2009
Author: Tegan
Headline: Ask Tegan

Ryan asks: When you have photo shoot to do, how do you prepare for it?

I don't stress about photos shoots or how the photos are going to look. I bring lots of changes of clothes and make sure the people doing the photo shoot are familiar with how we dress and our look in advance. Then I just hope that they get it and get a good shot.

Caroline asks: You've mentioned a few times that in real life you and Sara are actually painfully shy. How are you both able to get past your shyness and talk so much on stage? Does your shyness hold you back in any sort of way with your career?

I think we are extroverted introverts. It seems to me that the second I have everyoneís attention I feel just fine. Itís just when the attention is not on me but might accidentally fall on me for reasons that I don't want the attention for, that I feel insane and shy. Being a twin I feel that we've always had attention on us for how we look or for being twins or in a band. Add to this our sexuality and itís like being a circus performer in a way. And on the inside I don't feel like I'm putting on a show all the time. So I feel awkward a lot of the time in the regular world. On stage I am a performer entertaining the masses; and that feels much more natural to me. I don't think our shyness has ever held us back. We don't do parties, after parties, red carpets, or awards shows ever. Maybe that is a bad thing. We're not into schmoozing or industry stuff. We definitely are shy meeting other artists or bands. I constantly see bands out I love and never say hi. I'm much too shy for that.

Alex asks: On your previous album The Con, you had guests such as Kaki King, Matt Sharp, and Hunter Burgan play on the record. Do you plan on having any guests play on the new record?

We do. But I can't tell you who...yet. Stay tuned to Soon this will be THE place to go for Tegan and Sara new news!

Rachel asks: Do you feel like you play the music that you personally like? Or do you sometimes make a song and think, "I don't know why my music sounds like this or where it's coming from because I don't listen to this kind of music."?

Um. I used to more than I do now. I think the music I create now is much more like the music I listen to. There was a time where I didn't have a lot of control over what came out of me and was often times confused by our sound, but that has definitely subsided over time and six records.

Morgan asks: Over the years, all of your backing musicians have been male. Has this been a conscious decision, or is it based solely on availability and skill?

It definitely hasn't been conscious. I would love to have some female backing musicians at some point. In the past we have been limited to who we know and we have come out VERY lucky. All our bands have been made up of men, its true, but they have been advanced, emotionally mature, loving manbians that we were blessed to have on the road with us. In the future if any of them leave we just might get a female backing back. I would certainly be open to more women in our lives.

Over the years I have definitely noticed the ratio of men to women in every aspect of our industry is HUGE. 20:1 HUGE. There are NOT a lot of women. That is for sure. So women reading this: Pick up an instrument! Pick a trade! Come tour!