Date: April 7, 2009
Author: Tegan
Headline: Ask Tegan

Josefina asks: When you are having a terrible day and you are not feeling good, is it too hard to go on stage and tell funny stories? How do you do to forget about everything and make the crowd enjoy your story?

Hey Josefina. Thank you for your question. Honestly when I am having a bad day it typically doesn't affect how I feel on stage. There is something about being in front of so many people playing songs I love with people I love that immediately erases any bad vibes typically. Though sometimes when tragedy strikes or the audience is unruly or its after midnight I have less energy. The bigger our audience gets the less we talk. But we will always have some stories no doubt. We try at least. Thanks for the question. Tegan

Liesie asks: I was wondering if, apart from in-stores, the band still plays any small gigs?

We do some underplays from time to time. Typically around the release of our record. (hint hint) Or around bigger shows when we are just playing one and need a warm up (hint hint). These days its pretty expensive to bring all the gear and people we have with us to a small show so we don't do as many. Buts its something we still enjoy doing very much. I joked recently about having 2 sets of gear and playing an after show that was really small every night to 100 fans after the bigger show like Prince does. But no one really seemed into the idea. Oh well. Thanks for the question, Tegan

Noelle asks: What types of guitars do you guys play, and which is your favorite?

Hey Noelle, Right now I am digging into a new Gretsch that I bought last year and didn't have on the road with me that I am trying to love as much as my Les Paul. I am also playing a little Art and Lutherie I picked up in my travels. I have a lot of really cheap guitars that I keep at home that I am very attached too. I don't know anything about guitars or gear. Its what makes playing guitar fun for me still. ha. On the road I play my Les Paul Studio and Gibson Blues King exclusively. Thanks for the question! Tegan

Realtin asks: What is your mother's favourite Tegan and Sara song?

I sent your question to my mom, Sonia. Here is what she sent back. Enjoy! Thanks for writing!

My favourite Sara and Tegan songs:

The Con:

Back In Your Head, Relief Next to Me, Are You Ten Years Ago, Soil Soil (full version)

So Jealous:

So Jealous, I Can't Take It, Wake Up Exhausted, You Wouldn't Like Me

If It Was You:

Not Tonight, Underwater, Living Room, City Girl

This Business Of Art:

Hype, Frozen

Kym asks: What are some of your all-time favourite movies?

Hey Kym, My favourite movies off the top of my head are: Breakfast Club, Reality Bites, Best in Show, Control Room, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, The Shining, Shut up and Sing and Bugsy Malone.