Date:March 2, 2009
Headline:Ask Tegan

Britt asks: What is your favourite quote /words that you can live by? Are there words that inspire you to live your life to the fullest and go after your dreams even when they seem hard to reach?

Hey Britt, Honestly there is no quote I live my life by. I definitely remind myself constantly to relax and to breath. My mom always says Love Is A Behaviour. That often shapes a lot of things I do in my life. I try to behave the way I think. She also tells me that the way you think shapes the way you feel and that affects the way you behave. So I try to think positively at all times.

Sam asks: If you could be the main character from any book, who would you be and why?

Sam, Thank you for your question. This is a tough one of me as I typically only ever imagine me in my dreams and fantasies. There hasn't ever been a time in my life where I have wished to be someone else. Even when I'm reading I truly feel like I've escaped myself and I'm just looking in on someone else's life. If I had to pick someone, some character, I think I would chose to be Edward. You can guess who that may be. :)

Rachel asks: Growing up, did you ever wish you could have more/less siblings, or were you content being a twin?

Hi Rachel. When I was growing up I felt like I had everything I needed. Our family had lots of cousins and family members around all the time. My moms partner Bruce was a kid at heart and we had a brother in him a lot of the time. When I got into my teens I definitely wished I had an older sister as many of my girl friends had older sisters and it seemed so cool to have one. But at some point there was talk in my house of adopting a younger sibling and I just felt a little uneasy with that. I liked how small our family was.

livieflakesx asks: Do you remember the first time a fan asked you for an autograph? How did it make you feel?

Hey liviefalkesx, I do remember the first few times we got fan mail. It was back in 1999 and I was SO excited. I always thought it was strange that people wanted us to sign things but as I get older and I get to meet bigger and bigger stars and I get butterflies and nervous when I meet them I think I do understand better now. The fame and the attention that comes from being Tegan and Sara sometimes isn't that fun. Its can be embarrassing when you are eating dinner or even a little scary when people are crowded by the bus and pushing to get near us. Mostly though I love meeting our fans and I love signing autographs and taking photos with people. It feels like a genuine way to say thank you to our fans for their support. It still feels ridiculous when our friends or family are around. It is SO not us. ha.

Allison asks: What is the process for recording and releasing your upcoming album? Can you outline your next few months for us?

Hey Allison. Well starting in March Sara and I and the boys and Chris Walla and Howard Redekopp will be jamming in Victoria working out the parts for the songs that we have chosen to to be on the next record. We have picked 20 or so songs to work on so far. Chris Walla is pushing to track as many as 20 songs when we record the actual record so we have lots of B sides and extras to release over the coming year. In April there will be a bit of a break and some time to write and and work on stuff alone and then starting in May we all move down to LA to record through July. We hope to release the record in Late October. The band will be with us through most of May and then will head home and we'll record any extra stuff that we didn't get off the floor while recording with the band. Sara and I will also sing all our vocals then. In July we will mix the record. We haven't yet picked a mixer so that might determine where we mix but most likely it will be in LA We are pushing to put the record out in October so we will be working on the record artwork with Emy as we are recording. This is a first for us! We even have a name for the record already picked out. Also a first! Can't wait for you guys to hear it!!!!