Date: January 11, 2009
Author: Tegan
Headline: December 2008 Ask Tegan

Shaun asks: What were your favourite albums of 2008?

These were the records I loved most this year. Not all were released in 2008.

Ra Ra Riot - The Rhumb Line
Band of Horses - Cease To Begin
M83 - Before the Dawn Heals Us
Jim Ward - Quiet EP
Melissa Ferrick - Goodbye Youth
Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs
Amanda Palmer - Who Killed Amanda Palmer
The-Dream - Love/Hate
Kings of Leon - Only by the Night
The Killers - Day & Age
An Horse - Not Really Scared

Mel asks: During the holiday season a lot of people ask the question, "What is the best gift you've ever recieved?" I think that the giving gifts is half the fun, and was wondering if there is a gift that you have given to some one else that you were especially excited about?

I made books on IPhoto for all 3 of my parents this year. They turned out super awesome. Really funny and cute and they seemed to love them!

Jessica asks: I found an article from 1998 that reviewed your set for Garage Warz finals. I'd like to know what songs you and Sara performed.

I have no idea! Ha.

Katie asks: In the past, you've said that there are songs you don't really relate to any longer. Are there any songs that you feel describe you the best?

I think this past record actually still really represents me well. I think I'm a very emotional and sensitive person. I day dream, cry and imagine the worst a lot. But I'm also a romantic. The kind that would bury a love letter in my back yard.

Liesie asks: Do you administer your MySpace and Facebook pages yourself or do you have someone doing it for you or helping you with it?

We have someone in our management office that does it. We can't keep up. We've tried in the past but internet is just too hard to come by when we're on the road. We just get too busy. We post our own blogs, chose the photos, videos, top friends etc.