Date: December 4, 2008
Author: Tegan
Publication: teganandsara[dot]org
Headline: November 2008 Ask Tegan

Bridgette asks: On past albums you have welcomed numerous musicians to contribute to your songs. Have you ever thought about asking another musician to add a vocal part to any of your songs for the new album?

Honestly it has never crossed my mind. I don't think we would have someone sing but you never know. We for the first time ever are writing together and considering other co writes for the record so maybe Mariah will sing on our record. Or Rhi Rhi! Oh that would be amazing!

Nat asks: What is it like to be part of a band that is influential to teenagers in a time when the world is changing so much? What's something that you hope will come of your ability to reach so many people?

Long before we were touring professional musicians making records with legions of adorable people of all ages listening to us and considering us role models we took ourselves very seriously. Our influence is obviously something we consider when we do things in our band and our lives. Its important to stand up for what you believe in no matter what position you hold in life. Since the start of our career we have accepted our position in the Gay Community and Music Industry as equally important. From our music to our live show to standing up for Gay Rights or Community's in peril we try to assemble ourselves in a way that hopefully inspires and motivates people to do the same in their lives! Obviously being gay women in the indie rock/rock/pop genre of the music industry has posed incredible challenges and achievements for us and we take that very seriously as well! We're proud of who we are and we intend on going wherever we chose to be ourselves, even if its on Rock Radio!

Dusti asks: What do you do if you have to go to the bathroom when you're on stage?

I don't usually have to. Though the odd time I've been sick or needed to go off stage for the bathroom, water or a lay down I feel our audience is always understanding. Sara does a good job of covering for me.

Jade asks: Do you experience much hesitation making new friends, knowing that they know who you are? As a famous musician, is it hard to make new friends who arenít also musicians or somehow related to the industry?

Honestly I've always found it hard to make friends. I'm very outgoing and gregarious but also by nature very independent and comfortable being alone for long periods of time. With all the travel we do I feel like a lot of my friendships increase and decrease in intensity depending on where I'm at in the world and what I'm doing. I try to remain as consistent as possible but it is really hard to sustain relationships when I'm away. Which makes me sad. I think even when they are musician friends and understand what it is like to be away it only makes it hard for the different reasons.

When I meet new people I'm genuinely intrigued or entertained by I find a way to get to know them without putting myself in a place where I may be .... infiltrated. I have certainly made mistakes in making friends but I think everyone does. Definitely when I meet some people they know who I am and whether they are asking for an autograph or a photograph I feel like that kind of ruins the potential for "friendship". Sometimes when they are really cute that bums me out. Ha.

General Question: We get a lot of questions about your tattoos. Is there anything about your tattoos that you would be willing to share with fans?

I personally get tattooed at the END of relationships or periods of my life. All my tattoos have important and personal stories and meanings attached to them so I don't specify why I got any of them. There are obviously big parts of our lives (including our tattoos) that we HAVE to keep private or else the people we love would be uncomfortable or in danger of losing their privacy. We try our best to be as open and honest about ourselves but some things just don't apply! I like it when I meet people and they have come up with their own meaning for our tattoos! I encourage imagination!!!!