Date: October 2, 2008
Author: Tegan
Publication: teganandsara[dot]org
Headline: September 2008 Ask Tegan

Emma asks: What was the first band/concert you ever went to see, and did they influence you in any way?

The first band I saw was New Kids on The Block when I was 8 I think. The next concert was Bruce Springsteen at 12. I remember being very excited but very nervous for both. I'm not sure either concert influenced me in any way to do what I do but I do remember being beside myself excited about going to both shows. To the point where I almost didn't enjoy myself.

Saremy asks: What are other alternative band names you two consider/wish you had named yourself?

I wish we had called ourselves The Girls.

Sasha asks: Out of curiosity, what time do you tend to go to bed and wake up? (when not touring)

I like to go to bed by midnight when I am at home so I can be up by 9am. At home I tend to spend a lot of time alone by default. With my mom and my friends at work I rely on making music and reading to fill my time. I'm not a huge drinker or bar person but I love going out for dinner with friends or having people over. I'm not a great cook but I love to do it.

Bev asks: What inspired a change of heart to perform "Superstar" in your current shows? Has this changed how you feel about the song now from in the past?

Its our 2nd or 3rd time in some of the markets we're playing on this record alone. I figured it was time to add some new material into the set. I asked a crowd at a recent show if they even knew the song super star, thinking they wouldn't and that only a select few were aware of it, when the whole crowd started to cheer I figured it was time.

Alyssa asks: I recently saw an interview of yours where you briefly talked about writing books. I was just wondering if you were thinking of pursuing writing and possibly releasing books of some sort. Also, what type of books have you been writing?

We are working on all sorts of book ideas. Hopefully they will see the light of day soon! Stay tuned!