Here we go again...

To those of you who have been waiting patiently for the new website, WELCOME BACK! It has been a crazy year for us. Our new album, IF IT WAS YOU, is coming out AUGUST 20th in Canada and the U.S. Watch for international releases in Australia, Japan, and Europe soon after. The new album's release will be followed up with extensive touring in all markets. We will try to play where there is a demand, so to those of you who email frantically about T and S coming to your city; we are trying our best.

The first single off our new record is "I Hear Noises." PLEASE request us at a radio station near you. Visit the fansite links below for a full list of radio stations where you can request the single. Come the end of August the video for I HEAR NOISES will be ready to make impact at your local music video stations.

We are trying to fill the site with interesting and informative info but for those of you looking for lyrics (buy the cds you asses) tabs, ugly photos of us, live photos, out of focus photos, live bootlegs, funny stories, answers to your FAQ, etc. - please check out the links below. |

We are going to keep tight with our fan sites, as to offer the fans a chance to win cool swag (bribery type stuff) and keep you informed on cool things we will be doing in your cities when we come through.

Thank you so much for the emails, we both take our turns checking and reading them. There get to be so many it's hard to respond to everyone, but please know we appreciate it. To those who have kept things exciting while we were away, thank you. To those of you who wrote in with support for the music, and excitment about the new songs, thank you.

We truly appreciate your feedback, and support. Thank you for coming to the shows, for buying the merch and for telling your friends. You are great fans.......