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Subj: tegan and finnigan

hey there t and s'ers
just want to harass you about a few things. we are in ontario this week doing a few shows, we would suggest buying tickets in advance or take your chances on the door, but there will be NO CRYING if you dont get in. grrrrr.

tegan and sara are playing TORONTO APRIL 25th, that is THIS wedensday,w/kinnie starr at the trinity church.

in MONTREAL at the cabaret on APRIL 26th, w/kinnie starr

in OTTAWA at barrymore's on APRIL 27th, w/kinnie starr

and in RHODE ISLAND on the 28th of APRIL

also go and check out the website cause we are touring with RUFUS WAINWRIGHT in MAY.

there are TWO shows that are NOT up on the site because of the solo TEGAN AND SARA shows this week, BUT we will be in TORONTO again on the 16th at the guvernment and in MONTREAL on the 17th.

so if you cant get enough of us this week, you can see us again in three and a half weeks.

hope you are all rawking and rowling.

t and s