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Subj: Tv Sow Audience needed

Hey anyone in the Toronto or surrounding area. This message is for you. Unless anyone somewhere else feels like taking a road trip. we are playing a t.v show in TORONTO on the 22nd of April. It is called Sonic Temple and we need to provide a tv audience. So if you are interested in seeing us play live at this Tv taping, please contact

travis:416 934 4767 For tickets.


tegan and sara dates coming up with KINNIe StaRR

(as posted on website)

coming to

and Montreal


DOn't get turned away.

see you all soon.

TO People Wanting T-shirts and other such goodies.

We are away a lot. We do all our own merch. Which means while we are on the road we are unable to collect our mail and send you your stuff. SO please be patient with us the next few weeks. We will not be home until late MAy.

Tegan and Sara