Date: March 4, 2010
Author: Amber Schadewald
Publication: San Francisco Bay Guardian
Headline: Five Questions: Sara talks, minus Tegan

It's been 12 years and the two adorable Canadian Twins are still making perfectly pleasant, political pop. Their latest album, Sainthood, is a stellar collection of matured, electronically hinged tracks that never fail to get stuck in your head. The sassy duo plays at the Fox in Oakland Friday and are sure to reign in a full crowd of Bay Area queer ladies.

It's hard not to fall for Tegan and Sara, their cute haircuts, charming smirks, and songs that seem to nuzzle up to any mood. And these ladies put on an awesome show with mouthfuls of quirky conversation and honest, adorable blabbing about all sorts of intelligent topics. Before setting up shop at venue in Austin, Sara took a few minutes to let me in a few tour secrets and proved that her hilariously eccentric stage presence isn't an act in the slightest.

SFBG: Name a song you've had on repeat this week.
SARA: Four Tet, "Angel Echoes"

SFBG:The most impressive meal you've had on the tour?
SARA: New Orleans, duck and sausage jambalaya

SFBG:Your must-visit spot in San Francisco?
SARA: City Lights Bookstore

SFBG: A recent exciting addition to your wardrobe?
SARA: I've stopped wearing jeans recently, but when I was in New York I had a moment where I couldn't figure out why I didn't have any jeans. Like, who did I think I was fooling? So I bought a pair of jeans and I'm wearing them right now.

SFBG: Any new tattoos? Or plans for a new tat?
SARA: I'm planning. I have an appointment with my favorite artist in Portland to finish up a piece that will take up nearly half of my arm. Sometimes I want to get rid of them all, and other times I want to finish them. An ex-girlfriend keeps telling me I'm just over analyzing myself because I'm single—I'm dating myself. When you're dating someone, you get positive affirmation from someone who loves you. Do you like my tattoos? Yes. Am I a bum? No. But now, I have to tell myself I'm not a bum in the mirror.