Date: September 30, 2008
Author: Bo Shell
Publication: Southern Voice
Headline: Sara of Tegan and Sara talks to SoVo

Sara Quinn, for good reason, lives on the opposite side of Canada from her identical twin sister. She's an introvert, a heavy thinker and, sometimes, everything her sister isn't. But when the two collide, forming the sharply voiced rock/punk duo Tegan and Sara, the result is a mash of raw emotion, pitch-perfect self-awareness and, yes, bickering.

"We're not like normal people. We didn't grow apart after childhood and get married and see each other on Thanksgiving and Christmas," Sara jokes. "I see her every fucking day. It's psychotic."

The duo plays the Tabernacle tonight in support of their latest endeavor, "The Con." Opening acts are City and Coulour and Girl in a Coma. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. The Tabernacle is located at 152 Luckie St. Visit for more information.

Thirteen years of making music together and touring for much of the last eight creates a unique if not entirely hilarious dynamic between the sisters – something they've become known for in their deeply personal live shows.

"I can't stop myself from being really emotionally vulnerable with people and the way I deflect that is to be funny and make fun of myself and the situation," Sara says. "That's sort of how we are on stage. And anyways, we're fucking hilarious."

Joking with Sara, it's easy to forget that she and her sister, who are both lesbians, are as sensitive as they are humorous. It's easier to sing lyrics like "I wouldn't like me if I met me," and "Nobody likes to, but I really like to cry," when there's a joke to lighten the load.

"I never really thought about what the audience thinks of my lyrics... Based on lyrics alone we could totally be considered Goth," she says. "We write about love and we're really passionate and intense and sort of heart-on-your-sleeve, but it feels natural. When I'm writing, it's just the place I go to."