Date: March 2008

Tegan And Sara, acoustic indie rock twins, have been playing shows for over a decade. Some good. Some bad. Some outright bizarre. Rock Sound caught up with Sara to get a rundown of the highs and lows of ten years touring...

The Worst
''We once did a tour sandwiched between Cake and Gogol Bordello,'' she admits with no pun intended. ''That was a fucking nightmare for us because those bands attracted a lot more men and it was loud and crazy and then we would go onstage after the madness of Gogol and be all quiet. Everyone just screamed fuck you through our set most nights. Generally the people we tour with are great though so that helps when the audience is against you.''

The Easist
''Probably two tours before that when we opened for The Killers, it was effortless as their audience was amazing and it was a real high for us.''

The Heaviest
''We just toured in Germany and we did a show with Brand New, Chris Cornell and bands like that, when we are paired with bands not from our genre the audience really seems to like it. We did recently play with Metallica however, so I guess it must be that.''

The Strangest
''Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams in 2000. It was weird, we were afraid as we had to rely on a lot of other people who did not understand our project as the scale of the shows were so large. Nelly was really sweet, she had not really broken through internationally at that point. Bryan Adams was really nice but I'm sure he was constantly confused why two teenagers with acoustic guitars were opening the show for him every night when he had 10,000 people waiting for him to go on. When they opened the gates people would come running into the venues to get up close to the barrier and me and Tegan came on and it was very awkward. No one really expected us to be there.''

The Indiest
''It is weird, Tegan and I think we are in the indie world but we never really bonded with any of the bands like Interpol, Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene. Instead of touring with them we found bands like Cancer Bats, Brand New and Against Me! started reaching out and we found ourselves playing there. We are awkward, I guess we fit between the spaces.''