Date: November 24, 2004
Author: Matt McGuire
Publication: Chicago Tribune
Headline: Sister Act
Not only do they rock together, but Tegan and Sara beat the crap out of each other too
"I guess the fact we're lesbians and twin sisters seems interesting to some people, though it doesn't to us," Tegan Quin says about Tegan and Sara, the group she fronts with her twin sister--named, not surprisingly--Sara.

It's not that interesting to us either, but that's because the Canadian duo's latest album, "So Jealous," is so blissfully poppy that we have a hard time thinking about much else when it's playing.

Thanks to production work from John Collins, who plays bass in The New Poronographers, the 24-year-old sisters have moved away from the folksy songs that populated their 2000 debut, "This Business of Art."

On the road between shows in Dallas and Austin, Tegan told us about how much she loves Canada's health care system and why she and Sara could take the Olsen twins.

I hear your record company asked you to sing about something other than love on the new album.

Yeah, with the war and the election, they asked us if we wanted to write about something else, and I thought, jeez, they must have missed it. The record is about moving away from home, moving away from each other, about growing apart and growing up. But at the end of every record, they always say, "You don't have to rush. If you want to go back in the studio and do more songs, you can." It always makes us feel a little insecure, like we've done something wrong.

Have you ever considered writing about Canada's fabulous health care system?

I'm able to write the songs I do because of Canada's fabulous health care system.

How patriotic! You know, if this whole rock thing doesn't work out, you could make a fortune smuggling cheap prescription drugs into the U.S.

We already are! [Laughs] That's why we have such a big trailer.

Ever run into problems at the border?

In all seriousness, every time is a problem, though we've never been held up and we've only been turned back once because of visa problems.

Who'd win in a fight: the Olsen twins or the Quin twins?

We would. We're both feisty and we both have a lot of experience beating the crap out of each other.

Can you take your sister?

Sara is more of a cheap fighter because she tends to hit me with things, like the time she threw a trophy at me and it tore a chunk out of my leg. I've gotten her good a few times though. Like the time I pulled her jacket over her head and stood on her until she cried.