August 7, 2002 Volume 38 Issue 28
justify your existence

The Onion: Why should anyone buy your record?

Sara Quin (vocals/guitar): [submitted via e-mail] Downloads off our new CD are already available on the Internet, and full versions of that album, our last release, and our first independent CD are up on eBay. We only make a record, and that's before our management takes their cut--and only once we have recouped hundreds of thousands of dollars to our record company. If you look at the big picture, if you really want our CD maybe you should just download it. Or spend your money on our T-shirts instead.

O: Do you think your record will help people?

SQ: When Tegan [Quin, vocals/guitar] was younger, she would always dress up as a clown. Then she would set up chairs in the living room. Our whole family, as well as our extensive stuffed-animal collection, would then have to watch as she performed a grueling 15-minute "clowning" routine. This didn't "help" us, but it made us smile. Isn't that enough?

O: Do you think your record could save lives?

SQ: My mom always says we shouldn't underestimate the power of our music. She should know: Luba saved her life.

O: Is this record your ticket to heaven?

SQ: No, but don't worry, because Tegan and I intend to get hooked up with all those other famous rock stars who do good things with their millions of dollars as soon as we hit the big time. And, no, I don't mean getting addicted to smack and then doing a gymnasium school tour to talk about how we just had low self-esteem and now are better because we love who we are on the inside...

Tegan & Sara's newest album, If It Was You, comes out Aug. 20. (Buy It!)

—Stephen Thompson