Date: 07.29.02
Author: N/A
Publication: Local Vancouver Broadcast News
Headline: N/A
Tegan: "I think people that aren't in bands with their family probably have way more fun than we do, but there are lines you can cross with your sister, like we can beat each other up or like, Sara can like go out and party and come home in the middle of the morning and be all like fff...screwed up and tired and hung over and like, I can't throw her outta the band so that's like good for her. So far there's not really a lot of things I've found that are good for me in the band, being that sister."

Tegan (on Neil Young): "Neil Young is our boss basically. His record label, Vapor Records, is who puts out our records in the US with another company called Sanctuary which is like another big one, isn't it? (Sara nods) That's Ironmaiden's label or something we just found out."

Sara shakes head "No."

Tegan: "No? Ok it's not Ironmaiden's label. They're a rock label too, I'm pretty sure.

Sara: "Are you sure?"

Tegan: "Yeah, I'm pretty sure... so anyway it's like sooo hard being in a band with your sister!" (laughter)

Newsguy: "Especially when one sister is dominating the interview?"

Sara: "God! Every time, it's like, it's like you answer one I'm waiting for you to just pick up the formula - it's like you answer one and I answer one... why is that so hard for you?"

Sara (on the new album): "It's more from like where we're coming from, like we sort of always were shying away from the whole folk acoustic thing anyways, it wasn't because we didn't think it was cool, it was just cuz we weren't sure it was the right representation for us and uh not that we're trying to change genres even, just like, we're really about the songwriting and performance and stuff so this just feels like a little bit more, a lil bit more where we're at."