Date: 2000
Publication: Jonovision - Television Show
Headline: Interview
Jono: Tegan and Sara you guys, sounds great, thank you for comin'.
Sara: Thanks for having us!
J: What was Neil Young? What was that experience like? Did you get to meet him?
S: Um... yeah, he's our boss actually.
J: Really?
S: We're actually signed to his label so we hang out with him, yeah, all the time.
J: Really?
Tegan: It's in our contract. He has to call us best friend in front of everyone or else we're off the label.
S: And hug us, all the time.
J: Cause you know you hear a lot of stories of people going out on the road with these big name acts and they don't ever get to meet them or they meet their security.
S: He invited us, so he had to be nice to us or we would quit.
J: Well how did he ever hear you?
S: Through just industry connections... It wasn't him who was interested actually it was his manager that was interested in us. That's about it.
J: Wow.
S: Actually, he's Tegan's dad.
J: Oh really?
S: We don't usually tell people that.
J: That's amazing 'cause you're twins, and he's not yours?
S: Oh, that's just a marketing ploy. We got the same kind of hair cut.
J: That's extra special.
S: Very special.
J: Well we're going to get you perform one more... etc.