Date: 2000
Author: Sara
Headline: Sara's Top 10 Albums of 2000
This top ten thing is freaking me out. I am not sure that I can come up with something that will represent what both Tegan and I think. And maybe there will be a CD slipped in that didn't come out this year. So it will souse up the whole list. But I'll try.
But know that I am really trying hard, cause under this sort of pressure I won't remember CDs that I thought were great this year, and I'll end up putting ones on that aren't so great but they were the only ones that I could think of that came out this year.

So here we go:
• u2-all that you can't leave behind
• nelly furtado-whoa nelly
• hawksley workman-for him and the girls(could have been last year though)
• josh rouse-home
• radiohead-kid a
• sarah harmer-you were here
• weakerthans-can’t remember the title
• kinnie starr-tune up
• Seeeeeeeeee I can’t think of one. So you put one more that you think is good • help!

I feel under pressure.