Date: November 9, 2009
Author: James Montgomery, with reporting by Jim Cantiello
Headline: Tegan And Sara Talk 'Twilight,' Gun For Spot On 'Eclipse' Soundtrack

By their own admission, Tegan and Sara are addicted to heartbreak, so when it came time to write songs for their just-released Sainthood album, they didn't stray far from what they know - cheery topics like eternal damnation, obsession and earth-shattering loss.

Of course, they also took inspiration from one other source: Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series.

"I read all the 'Twilight' books while we were recording Sainthood, and [producer/ Death Cab for Cutie guitarist] Chris [Walla] and I were talking about it a lot, because after we finished our record, he was going to record with Death Cab to do their song for the 'New Moon' soundtrack," Tegan Quinn told MTV News last week. "So me and him would geek out with each other and talk about it, and he'd actually be doing a job - he'd be producing our record - and I'd be on the couch [paging through], and he'd be like, 'You're on the third book already?' We nerded out with one another."

The "Twilight" series doesn't actually stray all that far from the topics Tegan and her twin sister Sara have been singing about for more than a decade now. The books are, at their very core, about love and loss (a point Death Cab made when we spoke to them about "Meet Me on the Equinox," the first single from the "New Moon" soundtrack), which sort of makes Tegan and Sara an intriguing fit for the soundtrack to "Eclipse," the next "Twilight" film.

So, if they were asked, would T&S be able to channel their inner Death Cab and contribute a vampiric love song?

"We would not say no," Sara laughed.

"We've basically become 'Death Cab for Tegan and Sara' [anyway], since Chris has produced our last two albums," Tegan joked. "It's like that movie 'District 9,' where the guy turns, like, half prawn. We're kind of like half Death Cab for Cutie. If I pulled up my pant leg right now, you'd see, like, Ben Gibbard's leg."