Date: October 1, 2009
Author: Chris Tinkham
Publication: Under the Radar
Headline: Tegan and Sara Discuss Sainthood B-sides - Deluxe iTunes Package Will Include Two Demos Not Recorded for Sainthood

When we talked to Tegan Quin in July, she revealed that Tegan and Sara's forthcoming album Sainthood would comprise 13 to 15 tracks, and that two of those 15 songs were written by the sisters together. Last month, when the duo announced the final 13-song track list for Sainthood, it became uncertain whether the two songs they wrote together made the cut.

In an interview with Tegan and Sara yesterday, they revealed that one of the two songs they wrote together, "Paperback Head," made the album. The other, "Sheets," will be a B-side. The 15th track that was considered but did not make the album is titled "It Was Midnight" and will be another B-side.

There are also plans for an iTunes deluxe package that will include two songs written by Sara that were not recorded for Sainthood. "Wrists" and "Light Out" are demos that Sara recorded in Montréal. She revealed that "Light Out Up" and "Night Watch" (which appears on Sainthood) were written about the sisters' parents, from their parents' perspectives.

We'll leave you to guess which of the two demos was partly inspired by a Britney Spears CBC documentary.-