Date: July 23, 2009
Author: Josiah Hughes
Headline: Exclusive: Tegan and Sara Tap Death Cab for Cutie for Sainthood, Label It "a Very Rocky, Poppy, Heavy Record"

Canadian indie rock sisters Tegan and Sara have revealed that their sixth album, Sainthood, will be released on October 27 via Sire Records. Recorded with Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla and Vancouver producer Howard Redekopp (the New Pornographers), the album also features members of Death Cab performing as a backing band.

In an email to Exclaim!, Tegan Quin described the record’s sound, saying, "It’s a very rocky, poppy, heavy record. There aren't any ‘call it off’ acoustic numbers on this one. But I think Tegan and Sara fans will love it."

Perhaps the reason for this change in sound is the fact that the sisters wrote together, a first for the duo. "Sara and I have never sat down to write songs together before," Quin explains. "We ended up with two songs that we cowrote together and three more I cowrote with Hunter Burgan. Also, we recorded as a five-piece so we both sang and played on each other's songs. Typically, we don't record parts for each other's songs on record, we just support one another live. So I think people who love us live will love the vibe on this record."

Quin also explained the album title, which draws inspiration from Canadian songwriting legend Leonard Cohen. "‘Sainthood’ is actually a song we wrote during a writing trip to New Orleans in the fall. The lyrics were from a song Leonard Cohen wrote called ‘I Came So Far for Beauty,’" she said. "We didn't end up putting it on the record but I feel those lyrics and that song really inspired the rest of the record, which is why we kept the title. We think of Saints as moral, devoted servants to their faith. And in love, I suppose so am I. In a much more secular, romantic way, of course."

Sainthood doesn't have a tracklisting as of yet but Quin has said that the record will include 13 to 15 tracks.