Date: Jan/Feb 2005
Author: Zoe Gemelli
Publication: ROCKRGRL Magazine, No. 53
Headline: The Twin Tones of Tegan and Sara

When Canadian twin due Tegan and Sara's fourth album, So Jealous, was released in September, the press gushed with praise, much of it focusing on the sisters being lesbians. Although the album is brilliant on its own terms, Sara agrees that a "freak" factor may be contributing to their newfound attention.

Currently the pair lives at opposite ends of the country with Tegan calling Vancouver, British Columbia home while Sara relocated from the west coast two years ago in favor of Montreal, Quebec. Despite the physical distance separating them the pair is still closer than average siblings.

They are musically connected by their own home computers equipped with Pro Tools and a small home studio set-up. Individually they make demos of the songs they write, produce the tracks, then meet up and exchange what they've written. For So Jealous, this amounted to sorting through 26 songs until 14 made the final cut. The song credit on the CD jacket says, "All songs written by Tegan and Sara," but fans can identify which sister wrote which track.

The sisters once again tapped John Collins and David Carswell (New Pornographers), who produced their 2003 CD, If It Was You. But this time Tegan and Sara took the helm as main producers. Still signed to Neil Young's Vapor Records label but now distributed by Universal, they hope to sell more copies of So Jealousthan the barely 18,000 sold of If It Was You.

Still, Sara is overwhelmed by opportunities that have recently come their way. "I wouldn't have believed it if you had told me I would be playing the Bridge School benefit with Neil Young and Paul McCartney," she says. "I sometimes wonder what it is about us, why we get to do these things."

"This record and our career, for whatever reason, seems to be taking a nice step up."