Date: 11.22.2005
Author: Eva Lam
Headline: Tegan and Sara Say 'No' to Wearing Fur
(andPOP) - Joining such celebrities as Pamela Anderson, David Cross, Le Tigre and Charlize Theron, Tegan and Sara have spoken out against wearing fur by shooting an ad for PETA.

The Canadian indie-rock act visited PETA headquarters in Norfolk, Va., during a recent tour stop to shoot the anti-fur public service announcement for peta2, PETA’s youth division.

In the print ad, Tegan and Sara are shown with Liby, the adopted dog of a PETA staffer. The tagline reads: “If you wouldn’t wear your dog, please don’t wear any fur.”

“I do feel like there are alternatives to killing animals for foods and materials,” said Sara, according to “I don’t wear fur myself.”

Sara, one-half of the twin-sister team, also strongly opposes factory farming and its negative impact on animals, the environment and human health.

“We just have no idea why anyone would want to wear fur,” said Tegan. “I've never thought, ‘I want to wear an animal around my shoulders.’ I don’t think fur looks very good on people. … I think it’s really unattractive, and it’s ridiculous.

“I don’t think the fur industry has a chance. I have the feeling that young people today are intelligent enough.”

On top of the success of their latest album “So Jealous,” Tegan and Sara will release a DVD titled “If It’s Not Fun, Don’t Do It” on Feb. 7.

The White Stripes also recently recorded a cover of Tegan and Sara’s track “Walking With a Ghost” for the Stripes’ upcoming EP.