Date: October 25, 2004
Author: Charlotte Cooper
Headline: We Fancy: Tegan and Sara
Tegan and Sara are set to be the hottest thing since, er, the last hottest thing. Dubbed 'the Wonder Twins' and 'Teen Sensations' amongst other cringe worthy labels, the pair are on the cusp of the big time. So, let's get down the business.

Aged just 24 years old, Tegan and Sara have been touring their act since they were 17. Starting out as just two girls with guitars, the loveable moppets have developed their sound over the years, bringing in dance, punk and other influences to their original folksy sound. Itís not surprising that their sound has become so polished and accomplished, despite their youth they are the veteran support band to people like The Pretenders and (gulp) hairy old rocker Neil Young.

We like to think of Tegan and Sara as the anti-Tatu; after all they're young, sexy and full of angst but they play their own instruments and write their own material. Julia! Lena! Check them out! This is where you're going wrong!

But anyway, what you really want to know is: are they really twins? The answer is yes, they were born in Calgary, in Canada on 19 September 1980. The second thing you're dying to know is: are they really dykes? My friends, it is true! Tegan and Sara are lesbians too. I know what you're thinking, stop it.

So, now you have no excuse not to buy their cracking new CD So Jealous. Oh, and by the way, Tegan's the outgoing one, Sara's the introvert.