Date: 10.31.2003
Author: Lori Mastronardi
Publication: The Gazette :: Western's Daily Student Newspaper
Headline: Tegan and Sara perform "Monday Monday Monday"
"I feel like we're normal - but that's probably what abnormal people always say."

With two solid albums under their belts, Tegan and Sara are far from normal in that they possess enviable talent at the mere age of 23.

Following the success of This Business of Art, a strong debut record produced by Hawksley Workman and If It Was You, a blend of passion and realism, Tegan and Sara are ready to embark on album number three.

Sara expects less of a straight-ahead rock sound and is excited for the next record. "I like the idea that we get to put out these stories and people get to listen to them and it's like our life a year later."

The spunky, charismatic duo share a family, career and physical features. Sara reassures, however, that although their lives may appear to be completely intertwined, they are able to maintain distinct identities.

"We don't write together so it's like 'look what I did!' all the time. Tegan lives in Vancouver and I'm living in Montreal. We don't spend a huge amount of time together; we've hacked out a pretty healthy kind of balance," Sara says.

Not unlike university students, the pair deals with stress generated from second-guesses and uncertain futures. "I don't know if you go through this, but like one day I wake up and I'm like 'I've done good, this is great,' and then some days I wake up and I'm like 'what have I done? I've wasted five years of my life. What am I doing?' [Sometimes] I think about how we can achieve success on a level where I can feel safe and secure; other days I'm like holy fuck, I made a big error and I should go back to university now!"

Tegan and Sara performances are known for their diverse crowd - a mix of genders and sexual orientations blend together in an unexpectedly cohesive audience.

"You want to yell out why? Why are you yelling at me? We're not cool! Some fans had gotten our faces tattooed on their bodies. Listen, if that's what you want to do and you really want my face on your body I'm not judging you. But my God, I could be a gas station attendant in a year - it really freaks me out when people do something sooo that's it! There's my bad hair cut on your arm - God why did I get that haircut? That's what I think when I see their tattoos."

Although Sara discloses that she's more of a Christmas person, with two potential costumes prepared for their Halloween performance, she clearly fosters a festive spirit.

"We had discussed me and Tegan dressing as Chris and Rob, our band, and them having to dress as us, [but], I was at the Salvation Army and I found a costume for $5.99 and it's a giant mouse and it's really cute."

Sara admits to dabbling in alternative methods of spreading music, like skate videos and Scooby-Doo cartoons, but only on a case by case basis.

"It's very easy to say, 'I would never put art into a car commercial,that doesn't make any sense, it's wrong.' Certainly, it seems like it at first, but when you are a just normal human being and you're an artist and you are just getting by day to day and someone offers you $75,000, would you put 30, maybe 10 seconds of your song in a car commercial? I don't know, maybe I would. I certainly wouldn't want to put my song in a Wal-Mart or McDonalds commercial - there are things that I don't support."

But there are some things you should support.Check out Tegan & Sara Mon., Nov. 3 at Call the Office, with Special Guest Matt Sharp. Doors open at 8 p.m.