Date: February, 2005
Author: Jeremy Gladstone
Publication: Kludge Magazine
Headline: So Jealous Review

Our rating: 7/10
Readers’ rating 10/10

By missing the spotlight cast on Canadian superstars like Alanis Morrisette and Avril Lavigne, Tegan and Sara have found themselves in a niche of their own. With this fourth album, they’ve not only reinforced their career’s longevity but they’ve become Canadian icons in the process. So Jealous is another step forward and another progression in their song writing which their fans will certainly be pleased with.

I was lucky enough to see them perform much of this new material on February 2nd at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, British Columbia. Though there’s still room for improvement on the songs they’re just recently bringing to their live set, they’re playing the right songs and broadening their audience. Songs like “Where Does the Good Go” and “I Know I Know I Know” proved that the harmonies the sisters catch on the record translate directly to their live show.

But seriously, pick a track, almost any song could be a hit for Tegan and Sara. They’re crafty with their hooks and the vocals are perfect for their style. The recording itself sounds cleaner, and they really put together some outstanding songs like “I Won’t Be Left” and “Walking with a Ghost.”

Overall they’re bringing more to the table in terms of what they want from themselves. As they clean their sound and develop their talent they’re not selling out who they were, they’re defining who they are and keeping the essential parts of their unique sound; they’re just growing up and writing better songs.

If you’re a fan you already own this album, but if you haven’t heard them yet find a copy of So Jealous, and pick it up. They’re not in the front where the cash-grab music is, they’re in the back with the cool stuff. Take a deeper look and find some Tegan and Sara; it’s music worth owning, especially now.