Date: January, 2005
Publication: The Stern Opportunity
Headline: Tegan And Sara - So Jealous (Vapor Records)

I'm not a jealous person but I am slightly green with envy that I am not nearly as fabulous as identical twin, indie rock goddesses Tegan and Sara nor their third studio album So Jealous. I know it's only January, but this will be one of the best albums of 2005...mark my words (unless I'm wrong and please forget I ever wrote it).

I typically find self-proclaimed 'folk rock' and anyone who performed at Lillith Fair very contrived however these Canucks know what they're doing. Addictive hooks paired with fuzzy synth guitars and simple yet intricate harmonies equal complete and total aural perfection. It's girly and romantic without being cheesy, dark without being overindulgent, modern and almost robotic at times without being cold. Matt Sharp from Weezer and The Rentals adds some flair with his cameos on Moog and Keys. I have literally listened to this album on repeat for the past month or so and it makes me very, very happy. Aww don't be jealous...