Date: November 1, 2004
Author: Josh Bledsoe
Publication: -30-music
Headline: Tegan and Sara "So Jealous" (CD)
They are hot, sexy, rocking, lesbian twin sisters. And they’re Canadian! But don’t think even for a minute that Tegan and Sara are a novelty act with no musical talent (read: t.A.T.u.). So Jealous, the third album from these folk-punks, finds them singing about love and jealousy in a way that makes you feel like a diary-peeker. The girls wrote all the songs in their respective bedrooms, filling them with raw honesty and emotion this side of Ani DiFranco. The instrumentation consists mostly of acoustic guitar, bass, and drums, while electric guitars make appearances on several songs, filling out the sound. They play simple power chords, sing with a tuneful punk attitude, and even harmonize. It’s pleasurable, catchy, and easy to listen to.

The best song is the lead track, “You Wouldn’t Like Me.” The vocals are very good, the sound is incredibly catchy, and they sing the great line, “I feel like I wouldn’t like me if I met me.” “I Know I Know I Know” soars with lyrical intensity and a really wonderful hook. “Where Does the Good Go” is inexplicably beautiful, and has them crying. “Look me in the eye / and tell me you don’t find me attractive / Look me in the heart / and tell me that you won’t go.” Tegan and Sara don’t try to knock you over with clever turns of phrase, or elegant language. It’s simple, but it works because it’s so real.

The entire album is solid, but there are a few other highlights. “I Won’t Be Left” is a song that goes in surprising directions, and is catchier with each passing second. “Wake Up Exhausted” is fun and dance-worthy, as is “Speak Slow.” On the song, “Take Me Anywhere,” Tegan and Sara sing, “Take me by the hand / and tell me you would take me anywhere.” One thing is clear, listeners will be happy to go wherever these girls lead them.