Date: September 2004
Author: Timothy Golden
America loves lesbians. The loveable/hateable Russian asshats T.A.T.U. proved that in 2002. However, since the only thing T.A.T.U. had going for them was the fact that the girls were doing each other, the bubble burst quickly and those girls were rightfully deported back to their third-world homeland.

For all those who felt the void afterward, your prayers have been answered in the form of a sister duo (oh, the taboo) named Tegan and Sara. But, most likely, you won't like their music. Why? Because unlike T.A.T.U., Tegan and Sara are amazing musicians and songwriters.

Yes -- there's actual brains behind their love for vagina. Tegan and Sara are two of the most loveable characters to invade indie rock's prestigious ranks in quite some time. By mixing P.J. Harvey, Cat Power, The Replacements, and Saddle Creek-style intelligence, these two girls have made an album that not only sticks with the listener day in and day out, but li has tremendous staying power -- every time it's listened to, it will be better than the first time, guaranteed.

There's some quality stuff here -- "You Wouldn't Like Me" will make your skin crawl, "I Know I Know I Know" will have you humming and singing along like you've known the words your whole life, "Walking With A Ghost" will make you want to pick up a guitar and strum along, and "We Didn't Do it" is just plain awesome. But yea, every song here is good for different reasons, and also, well, the same reasons. Each song has its own distinct personality, but it never strays far from the fact that these girls are so cute that you want to squeeze them and so intelligent that you want to fuck their brains out after a lengthy discussion about politics and philosophy.

But, the sad part is that the second part will never come true. Unless of course, you're a girl with a strap-on. Guys will just have to accept that the only time they'll ever hear them moaning is on certain parts on the CD when the girls are harmonizing so beautifully that it could be mistaken for an orgasm.

Surely, this album isn't for everyone. There will be a lot of people who think that Tegan and Sara sing off-key, which they sort-of do (but it really, really grows on you) and there will be some people who think they suck altogether. Unless you love chick-fronted indie rock with a conscience, stay away from So Jealous. But if Cat Power is your personal savior (which she ought to be), Tegan and Sara's latest will flow just like You Are Free.