Date: September 21st, 2004
Author: Mike Bell
Publication: Calgary Sun
Headline: Sisters Pop Naturally
If there was any question the direction Tegan and Sara chose to go in on their last album, If It was You, was honest and where their hearts and skills lay, that's put to rest with So Jealous.

An endearing and infectious display of keen pop chops from beginning to end, the self-produced effort from the Calgary siblings - with a little extra guidance from old pals John Collins, David Carswell and Howard Redekopp - fully realizes what they started last time out.

Here, they show an incredible amount of maturity while, at the same time, undermining that confidence, lyrically, with a kind of innocent self-doubt, and musically, with a light '80s sensibility - aided by Weezer and Rentals member Matt Sharp - that skips along throughout.

Take the opening cut "You Wouldn't Like Me", which opens with the line "There's a war inside of me" and then takes off on a Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip for one of the catchiest cuts this side of The New Pornographers' Letter From An Occupant.

Proving it's no happy accident, "Take Me Anywhere", "I Know I Know I Know", "Walking With A Ghost", "Fix You Up" and the title cut, which opens with a moody OMD nod - the Quins take turns delivering bright shiny tunes that are often smarter and more involved than they initially let on.

And their harmonizing? As usual, it couldn't be more heavenly.

Their voices were made for this kind of music, made for these kinds of songs.

It couldn't be more natural, more honest.